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Film Streetwise was conceived to be the new alternative to mainstream production companies and freelance producers by being more cost efficient, resourceful and agile.

Film Production Services Dubai

The UAE has developed a powerful international identity for its continuous investment in growing the local film production industry. It has become a premium location, safe, stable, positive and forward looking. Thanks to our expertise and formula, it can also provide great economy.

The UAE is not only rich in pristine deserts, beaches, glamorous hotels and outlandish architecture. It is also rich in urban and cultural textures which allows it to create a diversity of looks from across the globe.

Dubai’s film production industry continues to progress through the highly experienced crew who keep it running.

We have built inseparable relationships with the finest experts in the field to assist us in the film production process. Our forces joined together make an unmatched team for creating the highest production value.

We cover everything and anything from sourcing cast, directing, location scouting, set design, art direction, special effects, stunt talent, wardrobe, stylists, creative supervision, photography production, behind the scenes, post production & editing.

We are different in that we make a difference.

We specialize in working with ALL budgets, from the guerilla style to the full monty of productions without compromising on production quality.

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